A Selection of Recent Disposal Mandates

We have a selection of food businesses for sale across a variety of segments of the food industry. Set out below is a sample of of recent instructions

Food Based Opportunities

Fine Food Distributor, S West based £3.5m T/over, supplying quality hotels and restaurants nationally with high end products. £250k EBITDA and debt free net assets of £1m. Suitable for an MBI. Project Gold

Beef and Lamb Abattoir Boning Plant and Wholesaler, UK based £15m T/over. Strong independent customer base. £1m EBITDA debt free net assets of £3.5m. Project Guardian

3 Species Meat Wholesaler, Midlands based. £5m T/over. Independent customer base, excellent freehold facilities, net assets £300k. Suitable for an MBI Project Meat

Halal Poultry Slaughterhouse and Wholesale Business, £5m T/over, profitable and debt free. Central UK. Project Poultry

Non Food Opportunities

We also have occasionally other businesses for sale including this one.........

Retail POS Display and Fittings Manufacturer, UK Based, established relationships with many retailers, brand owners and shopfitting businesses. Management team to remain post sale. T/over £9m, EBITDA £1m and debt free Net Assets of £2.5m Project Plan-B

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