BRC Issue 7 is on its way

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is being revised and re-issued as issue 7 in January 2015 with audits commencing in July 2015.

Until now most smaller food manufacturers have been able to satisfy their manufacturing customers by completing questionnaires and specifications.

All that is about to change!

All elements of the previous version have been maintained, with some clarification, additions and a significant refocus on the transparency of the supply chain being introduced.

Reaction to the Elliott Report means that manufacturers will have to significantly increase their attention on raw material and packaging suppliers.

  • Tighter mandatory controls on supplier approval, ingredient provenance and authenticity have been introduced
  • Full supply chain transparency and traceability is the expected ‘norm’
  • SAQs will become a distant memory as your manufacturing customers will be required to demonstrate objective evidence of the robustness of controls over their suppliers and ingredients

As small food manufacturer, you should expect additional requests for audits and detailed ingredient provenance and testing information.

The best way to minimise the impact on your business is to become BRC certified yourself.

Corporate Mergers can assist you with finding the right audit and testing agency for your needs.

Please contact George Seward on 01455 244444 for further details.

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